Re: MIME Filters

1996-04-25 21:45:19
In reply to Ulrich Kroener's message :

Did you use Eudora as mailer? I had the same problem, and succeeded 
in editing to tweak away the semicolon. 

Yep, done that too. It works :-). 

What version of Perl and MHonArc are you using? The version of MHonArc I
have (1.1.0?) does not work with Perl 5; MIME document encoding fails.
However, that has been fixed in 1.2.1.

Did you take a look at the output of MHonArc of what used to be your Word
document? Is it 7 bit ASCII, 8 bit binary, 6 bit base64 or something else?

I use the Mhonarc 1.2.2 and Perl 5, so there's no problem with MIME encoding.
You've put your finger on the right problem, it's a file format discrepancy.
The file stored on the Unix server is not recognised by Word as a valid 

I'm not very familiar with the fomats you mentioned, I mean I've heard the names
a million times but I don't think I could write a script that does conversions
between those types. Any advice as to where I could find information about that 

Naturally if you would be so kind as to explain the basics to me, I'd be 

Thanks for your help,


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