procmail and mhonarc

1996-04-22 17:39:21
I have set up mhonarc to be run by procmail as mails arrive. The only 
problem is that directories and the mhonarc *.html files created by
the .procmailrc come out chmod 600 instead of chmod 644 and this leaves
them unreadable via WWW.

Below is my .procmailrc that works otherwise. Any suggestions would 
really be appreciated.


--Paul T.

date=`/bin/date +%y-%m`

:0 ic
* ^To:(_dot_)xxx(_at_)xxx(_dot_)com
## without the 'chmod 777' added $date is chmod 600
* ? test ! -d /sjc1/xxx/public_html/archive/xxx/$date
| mkdir /sjc1/xxx/public_html/archive/xxx/$date \
| chmod 777 /sjc1/xxx/public_html/archive/xxx/$date

:0 c:
* ^To:(_dot_)xxx(_at_)xxx(_dot_)com
| .bin/mhonarc -rcfile ~/public_html/archive/xxx/cfg -add -outdir 

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