MIME Filters

1996-04-22 02:43:57

I've got a problem that's been driving me nuts all day, all the more as
I'm convinced it should be damn easy to fix but I just cannot get it to
work. If someone could email me back some advice, I'd be ever so

I'm simply trying to get Mhonarc to recognize Msword documents and
create in-line links to them, just as it does by default with any old
rtf file foe example. Following the manual, I just added a couple of
lines to '', declaring application/msword files with the
".doc" extension. Then I added those lines to my rcfile :



Ok. Well, that doesn't do what I want. Using a file named
"Questions.doc" to test it out, I get a link to a file called
"Questions.doc;" (notice the semicolon), and what's more the file is not
recognized by Word and can't be opened. What on earth have I forgotten ?
I've tried lots of things  such as for instance editing to
trim that darn semicolon out of the filename, to no avail... :-(

Please, get me out of this hole...



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