Re: procmail and mhonarc

1996-04-22 20:51:32
"PT" == Paul Thomas <paul(_at_)cue(_dot_)com> writes:

PT> I have set up mhonarc to be run by procmail as mails arrive. The only
PT> problem is that directories and the mhonarc *.html files created by the
PT> .procmailrc come out chmod 600 instead of chmod 644 and this leaves
PT> them unreadable via WWW.

Just add UMASK=022 before the section you want to be readable, then
UMASK=077 before everything you want protected.  The procmailrc manual page
isn't really clear about this, I guess:

     UMASK       The name says it all (if it doesn't, then forget
                 about  this one :-).  Anything assigned to UMASK
                 is taken as an octal number.  If not  specified,
                 the umask defaults to 077.  If the umask permits
                 o+x, all  the  mailboxes  procmail  delivers  to
                 directly  will receive an o+x mode change.  This
                 can be used to check if new mail arrived.
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