Re: MIME Filters

1996-04-22 03:21:53
Ok. Well, that doesn't do what I want. Using a file named
"Questions.doc" to test it out, I get a link to a file called
"Questions.doc;" (notice the semicolon), 

Did you use Eudora as mailer? I had the same problem, and succeeded 
in editing to tweak away the semicolon. 

and what's more the file is not
recognized by Word and can't be opened. What on earth have I forgotten ?
I've tried lots of things  such as for instance editing to
trim that darn semicolon out of the filename, to no avail... :-(

What version of Perl and MHonArc are you using? The version of MHonArc I
have (1.1.0?) does not work with Perl 5; MIME document encoding fails.
However, that has been fixed in 1.2.1.

Did you take a look at the output of MHonArc of what used to be your Word
document? Is it 7 bit ASCII, 8 bit binary, 6 bit base64 or something else?

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