Re: 'mailto's & message text

1996-04-29 13:38:28
Achim Bohnet says:

To quote Earl Hood:

  > Does mhonarc place links in the html wherever URLs and email
  > addresses appear in the mail message?

  The default text/plain filter does URLs.  Adding e-mail address
  detection is straight-forward.  BTW, since mhonarc is based on MIME, it
  is easy to override the default filters in mhonarc with your own custom
  filters.  Note: mhonarc does convert e-mail addresses in the message
  header fields to mail URLs.


As far as I remember the reason to not support mailto in message bodies
is that an algorithm can't distinguish between message-ids and e-mail

I could suffer the occasional message-ids as that might be in the message
body as they of low incidence.

Being perl-challenged I was wondering if anyone has addressed this on
their own. I'm also unclear as to if a new filter should be written or
just the could be have the script that handles the header
fields added or if all the filters would have to be modified.

Thanks for  your response,

--Paul T.

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