Re: MHonArc Segmentation Fault

1996-04-29 11:16:15
Earl Hood said:
There is probably a bug in the OSF/1 port of Perl.  Try running mhonarc
in debugging mode to see if you can isolate what statements are
causing the crash.  Of course, you will need some familiarity with
Perl to help in the debugging.

There was never an official perl 4 that worked together with DEC OSF/1.
All I found were several patches from several people that fixes some 
perl4 problems on DEC OSF/1 (now Digital Unix).

You may want to contact the Perl developers (anyone no the correct
mailing list? perl-porters?), and mention about the problem.  I
do not have access to a DEC alpha, and I do not know if anyone
else on this list does either.

The address is perl5-porters(_at_)africa(_dot_)nicoh(_dot_)com(_dot_)
(see <URL:>)

Some time ago there was a long discussion about bug fixes for perl4.
What I remember (?) is that the some/most perl5-porters don't like to spend
(see <URL:>)
their rare free time fixing perl4. Some of the porters
suggest to ask on c.l.p.misc because there's always a possibility 
that someone already fixed a perl4 bug.

Better IMHO is to search one of the  mail-archives of Alpha-OSF-Managers
(listed if at <URL:>)
if one really wants to fix perl4. Much easier is it to install perl5 in
addition to perl4.


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