Re: Suggestion: using new feature of glimpse

1996-04-29 10:45:17
Earl Hood said:
the announcement of glimpse V3.5 list the ability of glimpse
to select files based on the modification date of a file.

I think it would be nice if we could use this with mhonarc archives.
This requires that mhonarc changes the modification date of the
files it created as well as those created the mime filters. Mhonarc
knows all filenames so it should be possible. Unfortunately I have
not the time to do it myself otherwise I would send a patch ;-)

I'm unclear on what exactly you are looking for.  By behavior of
the OS, any files that mhonarc creates, or edits, will have the
modification date updated.

If you are requesting selective changes to the modification date
be some criteria, can you please elaborate on what criteria you
would like.

Set the modification date to the value given in the Received/Date
headers of the message. The date should be the same for all files
of a mime message.  This allows to completely rebuild an archive
and still be able to use the new -Y switch of glimpse.

P.S. Let your postmaster know that the message id does not use the
     FQDN (only pow). You know, this setup is the nightmare of all
     mail archive administrators that like to have unique message-id
     headers as required in RFC ??? :-)

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