Suggestion: using new feature of glimpse

1996-04-29 06:29:12

the announcement of glimpse V3.5 list the ability of glimpse
to select files based on the modification date of a file.

I think it would be nice if we could use this with mhonarc archives.
This requires that mhonarc changes the modification date of the
files it created as well as those created the mime filters. Mhonarc
knows all filenames so it should be possible. Unfortunately I have
not the time to do it myself otherwise I would send a patch ;-)

Any taker?

P.S. This is the announcement of glimpse v3.5:
udi(_at_)cs(_dot_)arizona(_dot_)edu said:
Glimpse version 3.5 is now available.  The main improvement is an 
option to receive results by reverse order of age and filter results 
by age.  (Age is determined by the file modification date.) We found 
a way to do that without a noticeable speed penalty.

GlimpseHTTP version 2.0 takes advantage of this new option to provide 
web search with age filtering.  It also provides easier installation 
and configuration, and decentralized configuration (users no longer 
need access to a central amgr.conf file).

A new web search tool, called WebGlimpse, will be available very 
soon. It will provide a better combination of browsing and searching 
than glimpseHTTP, especially for sites with information that is not 
clearly hierarchical.  It will make it very easy to add flexible 
search facilities to web sites, including the ability to collect from 
other sites  (a mini-Harvest of sorts).  Stay tuned. (If you are 
interested in being a beta tester, drop us a line at 

Glimpse is a very powerful UNIX indexing and query system that allows 
you to search through all your files very quickly.  It can be used by 
individuals for their personal file systems (e.g., to find old mail 
messages), as well as by organizations for large data collections. 
Glimpse supports three types of indexes: a tiny one (2-3% of the size 
of all files), a small one (7-9%), and a medium one (20-30%). The 
larger the index the faster the search. Glimpse supports most of 
agrep's options (agrep is our powerful version of grep, and it is 
part of glimpse) including approximate matching (e.g., finding 
misspelled words), Boolean queries, and even some limited forms of 
regular expressions. Glimpse is the default search engine in Harvest  

Glimpse is free for non-commercial use (but it is *not* in the public 

The WWW home pages for glimpse are in  
(There are links there to the source code, binaries, and 
documentations. If you can provide binaries for other platforms, 
please let us know and we'll post them.)

GlimpseHTTP home pages are in

Mail comments, questions, and suggestions to 

List of changes in glimpse

3.0 --> 3.5 - added "-f filename" option to glimpse: it allows you to 
restrict the search to only those files whose names appear in 
"filename". - fixed the agrep bug where -n was not working with ISO 
characters. - Added -t to glimpseindex that sorts .glimpse_filenames 
by decreasing order of modify time (st_mtime in stat structure); - 
Added -j option to glimpse to print time of file along with its name; 
- Added "-Y days" option to print files that were modified "days" 
before the index was created. - Added support for arbitrary 
characters in filenames (e.g. >, <, space, &...)

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