Re: MHonArc Segmentation Fault

1996-04-29 09:34:09
Robert Reed said:

As I reported in an earlier message, MHonArc v1.2.1 and v1.2.2 produce
memory segmentation faults and core dumps on my OSF/1 v3.2 Digital Alpha
while v1.0 did not.

You wrote that you are using perl 4. I was *never* happy with perl4 on Digital
Unix. Everything changed after I switched to perl5 (current version 5.002).
If you have ~10MB free you can even install a private copy as I do to test
the a new perl version here:

        ./configure -des -Dprefix=/my/home/path/perl5
        make test
        make install
        /my/home/path/perl5/bin/perl -e 'print "Howdy\n"'

perl4 and perl5 coexist without problem. The only decision you
have to make is if 'perl' is a perl4 or 5 executable.

A note about security: It's really no good Idea to call a program
directly from aliases. World write files should not exist. Even more
dangerous if they are accessible via the WWW.
Better to create one dummy user (or use your account) and use a tool
like procmail to pipe incoming fails into different archives.

I just installed v1.2.2 on my Linux machine and it runs perfectly. (Both
systems use the same version and patch level of Perl.)

The problem is that perl4 was never 64bit clean. Therefore all these little
nasty problems on Digital Unix with perl4.

Has anyone been able to run v1.2.2 successfully on a Digital Alpha under OSF

Yes, no problems :-) I used 1.1.0 with perl 5.001m and 5.002gamma. Now
I have 1.2.2 and no problems with perl 5.001m and 5.002.


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