Re: "Bubble Up" first X Subjects?

1996-05-10 04:19:42
"itsol(_at_)io(_dot_)com" said:
I'd like to do some post-processing on either of the index pages that 
MHonArc creates to put the first "X" subject-link combinations on 
another page (my home page).  That way, readers of my home page can 
tell immediately what the newest messages are, and can link directly 
to them (via MHonArc file numbering).

Can anybody think of a clever way to accomplish this "bubbling up" of 
the latest messages to another page?  Running this as a cron job 
would be fine.

How about:

mhonarc -genidx -idxsize $X -dbfile /path/to/it -nothread > new_4{X}index.html
mhonarc -genidx -idxsize $X -dbfile /path/to/it           > new_${X}thread.html

I have not checked it, but maybe you could use a special resource file
to add whatever HTML you want to the header of footer. I leave this as
a lecture for the reader :-)

Please check that the .mhonarc.db file is not rewritten because you
specified -rcfile option.  Another solution would be to work with
server side includes to add your fixed text at the footer and header of
this "bubble up" page.


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