Re: mhonarc problem under DOS, continued

1996-05-13 11:46:51
Dear Steve Pacenka,
Earlier I reported a problem  with the DOS-version of MHONARC.
It  seemed to be impossible to add to the archive.
I now think I found a provisional solution to this problem by
replacing the line:
        eval qq%require "${OUTDIR}${DIRSEP}${DBFILE}"%;
        eval qq%require "mhonarc.db"%;
(I chose "mhonarc.db" to be the inalterable name of the archive)
The problem is evidently in the parsing of the string that
represents a file-name. Therefore I chose a name that needs no parsing.
 Of course the archive must be in the current directory.
Also, the -dbfile  option does not work any more, as the name is
fixed; as I said, the solution is provisional.
A few remarks:
- I hope I did nor give the impression I was criticizing your
work, because I really think MHONARC is a very useful tool to
 keep track of E-mail, especially of the discussions of
a mailing list. As soon as the DOS-version of  GLIMPSE is
available we will have a perfect combination.
- At first I tried several other possible solutions.:
The $-trick, as far as I understood it, did not work. One of the
situations where dollars don't help apparently.
Using both the -dbfile and the -outdir option, which I suggested
earlier, did not help after all. You get past the error message,
 but the archive is not properly read. Apparently an error can 
occur that is not detected by MHONARC. This minor
flaw may well exist in the Unix-version too.
- If I can do anything that helps to find a more permanent
solution, or to test it, please let me know.
- As a useful knew feature I suggest the removal, or better
splitting off, of documents by thread.
Keep up the good work

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