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1996-05-14 07:51:27
Paul Braunbehrens said:
Hi.  I am new to this list, and haven't installed Mhonarc yet, so please
bear with me if this is old hat.  I've searched the faq and also looked at
the archives of the list, but so far it's been unfruitful.

Obviously you had not looked at the mhonarc manual or tried mhonarc -help :-)

Basically, as far as I can tell, no one is using the "In Reply-To" field on
my mailing list (>600 subscribers).  Does this meand that if I use the
program there will be no threading?


Ideally I'd like to thread by subject.  I know it's not implemented, but
maybe if there is enough demand for it the author would see fit to add it.

mhonarc has the options -tsubsort and -subsort to do this.

The two main reasons given in the faq for lack of this support are (quoted)

1) Completely separate threads may contain the same subject.

In my case grouping them would be fine.  People seraching the archive will
want to see both threads anyway.

2) A thread may contain different subject lines (ie. A person changes the
subject line to reflect the change in topic).

This again, would be fine with me. If the subject is changed, a different
thread is indeed appropriate.

Ideally, I'd also like to filter for some threads, and remove them if
possible.  For example anything with the word "*admin*" in it doens't need
to be archived.

The filtering of mails on certain contitions is not build in mhonarc.
There are already a lot of great mail filter programs out there that
do what you want and more (I use procmail for this).

If a message slips through you can use  remove a message it form the
archive.  You can manipulate the archive with

mhonarc -scan
mhonarc -rmm <msg#1> [...]

It looks like a great program, and I would be willing to pay for it if it
contained these features (a modest fee, I am running the list for free).

The only thing that's missing is that the different threads are sorted
by time (thread with the newest message first/last).
If you know a bit about perl look at lib/ There are a lot
of routines that do one of the various index sortings. Maybe you can
tweak one of them to do exactly what you want.
I hope I am not being too forward in making these suggestions.

The famous suggestion killer is lack of free time not the lack of money :-)

Cheers, > 

Bakalite(_at_)bakalite(_dot_)com (Paul Braunbehrens)
Administrator Daw-Mac     Owner Bakalite Sound

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