Re: problem with mhonarc

1996-06-04 08:15:57
(Sorry for a late reply, our systems have been flaky the past couple
 of weeks)

This is probably my own mis-understanding but how
does mhonarc know which extrenal program to process
a MIME-encoded message.
It fails with every MIME-encoded message I send it, whether
it is binhex4 or uuecoded messages.

I don't know where I tell it to use hexbin for mac-binhex40
encoding or uudecode for uuecode-data-fork messages.

The program is written so one can hook in alternate decoders.  However,
currently there is no "mhonarc level" interface to hook in custom
decoders as there is with content-type filters.  I.e.  The library,, is written to support arbitrary decoders.  Reading the
comments in the source will tell you how you can hook in your
own decoders.

BTW, there is a uudecoder.  It is called if the
content-transfer-encoding is set to x-uuencode.  If your messages are
using a different string than x-uuencode, then you will need add to the recognition of whatever you are using.

As for mac-binhex40 decoder, you will have to write your own.
Mhonarc does not have one built-in, I do not know if anyone has
written one.


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