Re: Mhonarc Threading

1996-06-04 08:39:17
We have seen situations where child messages do not necessarily get 
associated with the parent message in the HTML version of the newsgroup.  
Viewing the newsgroup with Netscape's news client however does link the 
messages together.

For an example, try
and it's parent:
Is this a known issue?  If so, do you expect to have a new release 
which fixes this anytime soon?

The FAQ covers how mhonarc performs threading.  Currently, mhonarc does
not base threading by subjects.  I hope someday to implement a solution
that takes subjects into account when computing threads.  The problem
is finding the time to do it.

A temporary solution is to use the TSUBSORT option.  This will group
same subject messages in the thread index.  Therefore, if messages
fail to contain reference-ids, the messages will still get grouped
together in the index.

Hope this helps,


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