Re: Out of memory/bus error

1996-06-04 09:48:30
Thomas Wolmer VK/EHS/VE said:
I am new to this mailing list, and also a new (or is that still wannabe?)
user of MHonArc, which I thought looked nice - and it still does, except
for the fact that it doesn't like my mail. Here goes...

MHonArc 1.2.2 being used on...

Sparcstation 1+ running SunOS 4.1.3 and Perl 5.000
Sparcstation 5 running Solaris 2.4 and Perl 5.001

The behaviour appears to be identical on both.

One problem:
When digestiong mail folders with large ugly messages (at, say 688242
bytes), MHonArc runs out of memory. It wanted to try to address this
with the -savemem option but...

Normally mhonarc stores all messages in memory. -savemem directs mhonarc
to write each message to disc after it's processed. The biggest win occurs
therefore for many messages. But if one message is already too big -savemem
can't help. I would check your system resources [or wait for perl5.002_02
which should use much less memory :-)].

Another problem:
All attemps to use command line options result in a core dump (Bus Error).
The program is last seen at:

264:                    eval ('$' . $pkg . '\'opt_' . $opt . " = \$arg;");

Now, is this mainly a MHonArc problem or a Perl problem? (I haven't tried
using Perl 4.0 yet).

This is a known perl5 problem. At least in perl5.001m and higher it is fixed.

So, I hardcoded my precious -savemen ( $SLOW = 1; ) in MHonArc but it
still runs out of memory. Bummer. 680k isn't that much is it?

Your resources seem really limited. There where reports about successful
conversion of ~ 17MB mailboxes. Check your process limits  (with limit or
ulimit) and swap space. Maybe there are too many other memory consuming
processes?    Hmm... may be you triggered somehow a infinite
memory eating loop. Try to watch the memory usage of the mhonarc process
during the convertion (as a first step simply use top).

Any solutions to any of the problems? I've had a look in the mailing
list archives but I didn't find these specific problems mentioned
anywhere. The command line options thing is not critical as I can
always get past them hacking the Perl code, but the memory contraints
or whatever it may be is worse.

Hope this helps,

Thomas Wolmer VK/EHS/VE 
Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications AB - but not speaking for them
Email: ehsthwo(_at_)ehs(_dot_)ericsson(_dot_)se || 
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