Re: Need to reindex

1996-06-17 08:57:29
P.S. Earl: How about adding (as default) the list of references at the
     beginning <!--X-References: ref1 ... ... --> and 
     <!--X-Followups: ... -->.  A backup is of course
     better but it may also proof useful if one wants to merge a single
     already html converted mail into an archive or to construct a
     masterindex out of several indexes.

Adding more <!--X comments can be useful.  I've made a note of it.

P.S.S. After a look at the code I think that the hask keys used can
       be replaced by the message-id. The 'unix-seconds'+'msg-number
       is harder to handle and the code already depends in some other
       places that the message id is unique.

One may not be guarenteed a message-id.  For example, if you process
messages that have been saved via MH's Fcc function, then the messages
contain no message ids.  Also, if you use mhonarc to process e-mail
style data, message-ids may be non-existent.


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