Re: Interested In Product for my company

1996-06-17 08:38:18
I wish to do something similar to your MHonArc.  

I would need it modified. 

I would use it in my business.

Who owns the copywrite?

I do.  The distribution comes with a file called COPYING on the
issues in copying, modifying, and using the program.  In sum, the
program is distributed under the GNU General Public License.  The
COPYING file is a copy of this license.

If you like, I can send you a copy of the license or you can obtain it
via <URL:>.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me or the
mhonarc mailing list: 


    Earl Hood                  |   ISOGEN INTERNATIONAL CORP
    ehood(_at_)isogen(_dot_)com           |   dba Highland Consulting
    Phone: 214-953-0004 x127   |   2200 North Lamar #230
    FAX: 214-953-3152          |   Dallas, TX  75202

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