Re: listserv log files

1996-06-17 08:34:19
I would like to create an HTML mail archive from listserv log files.
I understand that MHonArc supports MH mail folders and UUCP/Unix mailbox 
files.  Is it possible to configure MHonArc to support listserv log
files?  If not is there a utility to convert a listserv log file
to NH or UUCP format?  Or is there a product similar to MHonArc
that accepts listserv log files?  I'd greatly appreciate any
advice on this.  Thanks.

I do not know the format of listserv log files, but if the
file is in (or can be converted to) RFC 822 style messages, then
mhonarc can process it.  One mhonarc resource that comes in handy
to deal with alternate mailbox styles is the MSGSEP resource.

Basically, if you can get the data in RFC 822 style with some
form of line separator to divide the messages, mhonarc can process
the file.


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