converting with -mbox, "No new messages"

1996-07-08 19:02:32

I just tried to convert a mail folder to html. I used the following

mhonarc -add -mbox -title 'isdn4linux Container 06/96' /tmp/9606
Requiring MIME filter libraries ...
Adding mailbox(es) to ./maillist.html
Reading /tmp/9606 
No new messages

Well, I have a mail file and I dont' want the program to check if there's
already something in the destination directory. Can I force the program to
convert _everything_ from the mail file to HTML?

Thanks for any hints...

Alexander List, Adolf-Kolping-Gasse 2/I/10, A-8010 Graz, Austria, EU
phone+fax: +43-316-841321
Home address: Dafens 4, A-6824 Schlins, Austria, EU
phone: +43-5524-8560


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