Re: using existing listproc archives with MHonArc

1996-07-09 11:40:11
Mr. Hood,

we are experimenting with using MHonArc to archive listprocs at the
University of Missouri-Columbia. We have previously been using Hypermail
for this purpose but like many of the features in MHonArc. One thing
which we have been unable to get MHonArc to do is to read an existing
listproc archive properly. 

Our attempts so far have resulted in MHonArc treating each archive as a
single message. We need to be able to break the messages in the archive
up. Is this what the msgsep variable is intended to do? 

I would appreciate any suggestions you could make.

Not familiar with listproc archive format, I can only speculate at
what the correct solution is.  It does appear that the MSGSEP resource
will help.  The value of the resource is treated as a Perl regular
expression.  Hence, you can be quite specific on the format of the
message separator.

One thing to note is that mhonarc cannot support a message separator
that spans multiple lines.


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