Cool list <-> web sites

1996-07-31 15:17:41
I want to set up a web page to mirror my mailing list.  I don't want just
an archive.  I want it also to be a site where people can subscribe or
unsubscribe to the list, switch to digest mode, send messages to the list,
get info about the list and so on.  It might also have direct links to the
most recent 50 messages, say, as well as a link to the archive.  Can anyone
direct me to some cool sites where this has been done well?  It will save
us time in writing the code for it.

I'm new to this list and to web archives of lists, so this may be a dumb
question:  is there any way around the arbitrary monthly division of
messages?  It could be annoying to have to flip between months to follow a


Will G Hopkins PhD
Sportscience List Administration
University of Otago, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND

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