Re: Windows MUA Suited for Threaded Replies?

1996-08-18 10:46:35
Does anybody of you know of a mail user agent (MUA) for ms-windows 
(16 or 32 bit) that includes the header line
In-Reply-To: <msg id>
which MHonArc requires for a threaded appearance of replies? 
The list of MUAs that obviously FAIL to meet the requirements 
is already impressive:

Pegasus Mail
Eudora Pro
E-Mail Connection
Microsoft Mail 1.0 (b2, don't know about b3 or final)
Netscape Mail 
Graphic E-Mail

I have not used any of the listed mailers, but normally you have to
tell your mailer to do it.  MH does not do it by default, but can
be instructed to do so.  If any one knows if the above listed
mailers can be instructed to inlude in-reply-to and/or
references, please post to this list.

Given the current practice of reply header composition I tend to 
believe that reconsidering the approach to response-threading in 
MHonArc would be appreciated by many. 

The next release of mhonarc will incorporate subject based threading
with explicit tthreading.  I have the code working, at it works quite
well.  Resources have been added to provide greater customization
of the thread index, and one can reference the next/prev messages in
thread in messages via resources.  If there is interest, I can post
a sneak preview of the threading features of the next release.

Another question I have is which (windows) MUA supports the
text/html content-type (besides Netscape Mail, which naturally uses it
to forward a current browser page). To my understanding without that
MHonArc wouldn't recognize an html-attachment as such, or is there any
trick available to make MHonArc autodetect html content if it was
designated as an arbitrary subtype text/*?

You can hook in your own filters.  mhonarc allws you to register
filters by content-type allowing to extend mhonarc's capaibilities.
You can register your text/* filters to perform html content


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