Re: Problems with Installation

1996-08-27 03:09:33
Earl Hood wrote:

Dear All,

I have the following problem with the mhonarc sw.

When I use it to add incoming e-mail to an html archive or convert an 
mbox format mail-file I get the following errors:

.Warning: Could not find date for message

I believe some other user had the same problem, and the common thread
is perl 5.002gamma.  I recommend trying another (later) version of Perl
to see if the problem persists.

If you want me to test out some of your mail, please encode it in
base64 or uuencode.  This will eliminate the possibilty of your
mailer munging the data.



Thanks for the hint.
I tried MHonArc with an ancient version of Perl, 4.036 which comes with the
Excite search engine, and it seems to work OK.

I've been trying to trace why perl 5.002gamma does not fuction properly, but I
could find it. I might decide to upgrade to 5.003 but so far my 5.002gamma
installation works fine for all other stuff so I'll use the old one only for
MHonArc until an upgrade takes place.

Tnx again,


With kind regards / Met vriendelijke groeten

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