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1996-09-01 08:19:53
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  I've been trying to send this message to the list, but it keeps being 

I have'd CC'ed this message to the list, so hopefully it will
finally make it to the list.  I cannot provide much help since I am
not experienced with Perl on ms-dos.  However, I should note that Perl
will have extra memory overhead associated it with it: the interpreter,
mhonarc variables, routines, etc.  Hence, the amount of memory you
state you have free will not be enough to process the 450K message.

Try to see if you can make use of extended or virtual memory.

---------------Original Message---------------

Any suggestions for out of memory problems in ms-dos?  I have tried using 
the  -savemem switch.  This worked for some of my mail files until I added 
my 4th  file to the archive.  The individual file I have problems with is 
about  450k.  I'm using perl version 4.0m1 (rev patch level 36 and 
I have  about 591K in dos memory available when I am running.  Any 
suggestions will  be appreciated.

(Assuming you're running under DOS, not in MS Windows DOS box.)


BigPerl uses extended memory for most purposes, so it's unlikely that you're
running out of memory in the lower 640k.  If you don't have much free XMS
extended memory (such as from using it for disk caches and ramdisks), try
reducing the amount of memory consued by those.

There were three later generations of bugfix releases of BigPerl 4.  The
final one is 4.0m4.  It is available from the SimTel archives and other
places.  Possibly that would help if you are encountering a PerlBug.

BigPerl can also be configured to use virtual memory (automatic if running
under MS Windows)  if you literally are running out of extended memory.
Worked fine for me in later releases.

-- good luck, SP

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