"framizing" MHonArc

1996-09-02 10:25:36
Hi all,

let give you a quick mean to take advantage of frames (netscape2 frames

Create the following file named frame-index.html:

<title>Framed mail archive</title>
<frameset rows="30%, *">
<FRAME SRC="index.html"    NAME=toc>
<FRAME SRC="blank.html"    NAME=Display>

create the following file named blank.html:


It's blank ;-)

Assuming the indexes of your archive are named index.html and
threads.html run the following script in the archive directory:

# framize index
sed -e 's;<HTML>;<HTML> <BASE TARGET=Display>;g' -e 's;<A
HREF="threads.html">;<A TARGET=toc HREF="threads.html">;g' $index.html
mv $$.index $INDEX

# framize thread index
sed -e 's;<HTML>;<HTML> <BASE TARGET=Display>;g' -e 's;<A
HREF="index.html">;<A TARGET=toc HREF="index.html">;g' threads.html
mv $$.thread $THREAD

And then let's go reading frame-index.html.

Hope this helps,
Guillaume Oget
Enterprise Networking & Security Division
Phone: (+33) 76 62 65 04 Fax: (+33) 76 62 12 86 Telnet : 779 6504

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