Re: [Q] how to configure replies

1996-09-04 20:37:26

Can one of you tell me how to configure mhonarc (version 1.2.3) to display 
from replies, lines that normally start with a '>', in italics.

You need to create your own text/plain filter.  Message body conversion
is handled through MIME filters (which you can add in your own).

Basically, you can add a regular expression that wraps any line
that starts with a '>' in <i></i> tags.  Something like the
following in the text/plain filter may do the job:

    $data =~ s%\&%\&amp;%g;
    $data =~ s%<%\&lt;%g;
    $data =~ s%>%\&gt;%g;
    $* = 1;
    $data =~ s%^(\&gt;.*)$%<i>$1</i>%g;
    $* = 0;

# NOTE: Code untested

The default text/plain filter is located in the lib directory.


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