Using MHonArc as a robot with NTMail

1996-09-11 19:08:05
Hello Everyone!

        I have just installed MHonArc ver 1.2.3 on a Windows NT system which is
using NTMail from Internet Shopper as its mail server.  NTMail has the
ability to launch a "robot" once e-mail has been received at a
particular e-mail address.  I have been using HyperMail which was ported
to NT and it basicly does the same thing that MHonArc can do, but is
much more limited.  However, it is a compiled program and accepts mail
passed to it from NTMail with no problems.
        I am having trouble getting MHonArc to process a single mail message as
it is received and passed from NTMail.  Is anyone using NTMail to do
this type of thing with?  If I execute MHonArc via a batch file calling
PERL, it will convert an existing NTMail xxx.mbx file with no problem. 
I just can't get MHonArc to work as a robot with NTMail.  Any
suggestions would be appreciated  Thanks!

Brett Lackey

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