Re: MHonArc v2.0 alpha Available

1996-09-17 17:44:44
Earl Hood said:
 > All feedback is welcome.

- To save some bytes in .mhonarc.db one can remove the whitespace
  between key value pairs (patch below). Same could be done for
  %From values in .mhonarc.db, they all have
  a trailing blank.

I have noticed this problem also.  The %From stuff is due to the way
the message header is parsed.  It should be fixed.

Also the Date values have a leading blank.
I thought I caught that :-(

  -multipg should only be allowed if -idxsize (or corresponding env or
  resource is specified)

That is the way it is now, however the division by zero is a problem.

How about an default value of 100000 for IDXSIZE?

- main/thread index button in messages always refer to indexname#msgnum
  This is no longer always true if multipage is used.

Hmmm.  This should not be a problem.  The links should point to the
appropriate page (the demo does).  If you change between single page
and multipage, you may need to use -editidx to fix things up.  If
you have an example that shows the problem, please pass it along.

On a resource side $IDXFNAME$ should expand to the appropriate page
if multipage is in effect.

You're right, sorry, I can't reproduce the problem. [-editidx would
not help because I use rm -rf $dir; mkdir $dir; mhonarc -outdir $dir ...
for my test.]  I beleave now that I get caught by the -modtime default
and netscapes cache :-(

P.S.  I have alot of stuff going on at the moment, hence, the full
release of 2.0 may be awhile.  I'll try to keep the list informed
when possible.

Don't resist to bother the list with the location of another alpha-
snapshot :-)

Here's more stuff I found during my tests:

- I get here some more mime-types not listed in
  (patch below). I have don't know how to do this with a resource
  file (no way to define a default description, extension?).

- For host messages it can be usefull to suppress or shorten the
  button links much of the functionality is still available at
  the top of the message. Maybe: If number of records writen to
  HTML < $ISSHORTMSG then the SHRTBOTLINKS could be used
  instead of BOTLINKS.

- doc: gets not installed :-(  IMHO it is useful to
  add a link to mhonarc.html to get/download the local copy

  Another service enhancement may be to split the HTML documentation
  at a deeper section level. This make full text indexers, which
  can not jump to the first location of a match in a HTML file,
  life easier, e.g., WAIS, HYPERWAVE, ....  On the other hand
  don't use an local search engine for full so they could use
  the browser for searching.  Maybe these variations to your
  mhonarc home page.

  Btw. has your Frame document no index or is MifMucker unable
  to create an index.  The disatvantage of much documentation
  is that it's getting harder to find what one wants :-)

So long,

---       1996/09/17 08:10:00     1.1
+++       1996/09/17 09:01:49
@@ -120,6 +120,15 @@
     'video/quicktime',                 'mov',
     'video/x-msvideo',                 'avi',
     'video/x-sgi-movie',               'movie',
+    'application/pgp',                 'txt',
+    'application/pgp-signature',       'txt',
+    'application/x-ksh',               'ksh',
+    'application/x-patch',             'patch',
+    'application/x-perl',              'pl',
+    'application/x-script',            'txt',
+    'application/x-tcl',               'tcl',
 %CTType = (
 ##  Content-Type                       English name
@@ -184,6 +193,15 @@
     'video/quicktime',                 'QuickTime movie',
     'video/x-msvideo',                 'MS video',
     'video/x-sgi-movie',               'SGI Movie',
+    'application/pgp',                 'PGP message',
+    'application/pgp-signature',       'PGP signature',
+    'application/x-ksh',               'Korn Shell script',
+    'application/x-patch',             'Patch file',
+    'application/x-perl',              'perl script/module',
+    'application/x-script',               'A script file',
+    'application/x-tcl',               'Tcl script',

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