Re: Re: Windows MUA Suited for Threaded Replies?

1996-09-18 02:48:59
On Thu, 15 Aug 1996, Detlef Ruschin wrote:
Does anybody of you know of a mail user agent (MUA) for ms-windows 
(16 or 32 bit) that includes the header line
In-Reply-To: <msg id>
which MHonArc requires for a threaded appearance of replies? 

PC-Pine for Windows/Winsock does (and so do all the other versions
of Pine). Another advantage of Pine is that it supports IMAP.

I looked at PC-Pine some time ago but couldn't use it because I have 
no IMAP server, and I therefore did not discover this feature. At that 
time I felt that PC-Pine is a tool for workstation users only who 
really could live without a PC. For people like me who mainly rely on 
the MS-Windows platform POP3 support and a decent GUI would be 
essential. Thanks for the information anyway, Nancy. 
There is, however, some good news for me and other people with the 
same problem:
I discovered that Netscape Mail in ver.3.0 now uses a "References:" 
field recognised by MHonArc. Also with the next release of MHonArc (I 
haven't yet tested the alpha version) the whole issue should vanish. 

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