Re: Help. MHonArc stops working

1996-09-25 17:30:12
Jeff Gustafson said:
messages during the day.  At first I thought it wasn't working around 300 
messages, but now I think it's because it dies when too many messages 
come in at once.  How can I make sure mhonarc does the right thing?  It 
seems when I batch convert I get out of memory errors, but if I do it as 
the files come in then it dies.  Any ideas?

mhonarc looks .mhonarc.db to prevent simultanious updates to an
archive.  There is a timeout after that an mhonarc process gives
up waiting that the look gets freed.  This would explain if some
messages did not get archived but later mhonarc should work
without problems again

workaround would be: 

        - increase the timeout (see -lockdelay and -locktimeout)
        - get a faster machine :-)

memory problem:

        - use option -memsave  (save memory but uses more IO)
        - increase swap

Hope this helps,

Jeffrey Gustafson -- jeffgus(_at_)packardbell(_dot_)com
Technical Specialist & SysAdmin
On-Line Services Group
Packard Bell Electronics, Inc.

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