Patch: Define custom variables on the command line

1996-09-25 19:32:12

With the new <definevar> resource file tag of 2.0a1 and the 
<include> tag it is (painful but) possible to define
list specific values for custom variables while sharing
one main resource file for different archives.  To make user
defined variables handling easier I added a -uservars
option to mhonarc.

E.g., with
        mhonarc -rcfile .shared.rc \
                -uservars "LIST=>'TestList', SMILE=>':-)'" \

and a resource file .shared.rc:

<-- Should not the sub get_elem_content chomp the last newline? -->
<-- \n after the last 'la' is stored in .mhonarc.db!  -->
bla bla
la la
$LIST$ Archive. Threaded ($TITLEPOSTFIX$) $SMILE$

Gives a thread.html title "TestList Archive. Threaded (bla bla la la) :-)".

Using -uservars instead of <include> has the additional advantage that
the values defined by -uservars are stored in .mhonarc.db itself and
therefore the archive does not depend on other files resource
files as with <include>.

The allowed <string> values for -usersvars are that of a perl list
without surrounding '(' ')':

        "'LIST','name','MYKEY','MYVALUE'"       # for perl4/5
         "LIST => 'name', MYKEY => 'MYVALUE'"    # only perl5

[this is due to perl code:  eval "%hash = "($uservars, %hash)" ]

Could this feature be added the next release/snapshot?

P.S. The patch line numbers and that of 2.0a1 may be different
     due to other local hacks.

--- mhonarc     1996/09/24 21:53:21     1.2
+++ mhonarc     1996/09/26 00:16:00
@@ -135,6 +135,7 @@
        "tlevels=i",    # Maximum # of nested lists in threaded index
        "treverse",     # List most recent thread first
        "umask=i",      # Set umask of process
+       "uservars=s",   # add this list to the user defined variables
        "v",            # Version information
        "help"          # A brief usage message
@@ -348,6 +349,11 @@
     $MULTIIDX  = 0  if $IDXONLY;
+    # add usersvars to the hash of hash Custom Vars from the rcfile
+    if (defined($opt_uservars)) {
+       eval "%CustomRcVars = ($opt_uservars, %CustomRcVars)";
+    }
     ## Set umask
     if ($UNIX) {
        $UMASK = $opt_umask      if $opt_umask;
@@ -2107,6 +2113,8 @@
   -ttitle <string>      : Title of thread index page
                             (def: "Mail Thread Index")
   -umask <umask>        : Umask of MHonArc process (Unix only)
+  -uservars <string>    : list of key value pairs to _add_ to the list of
+                          custom variables.
   -v                   : Print version information

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