Re: How to change the <body> ?

1996-10-07 07:28:48
Didier Bretin said:

I have mhonarc 1.2.2 and 2beta.
Is there a ressource for changing the tag <body> ?

I would like to have different backgrounds on the differents
files generated by mhonarc: one for maillist.html, one for 
thread.html and another one for msg*****.html.

Check the resources TIDXPGBEGIN, IDXPGBEGIN and MSGPGBEGIN (have a
look at the default values used, e.g., in a the documentation or an 
created .mhonarc.db file).  Set your preferences in a mhonarc
resource file.

P.S.: It often helps to search in doc/mhonarc.txt. At least that's
      the way I found the answer.

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