automated message removing

1996-10-07 12:25:24
I was writing a little script ( in perl ) to automate the removing off
the messages. Basicly it works by sending a form that contains the 
number given by MHonArc to the the message, and doing
/blah/mhonarc -rmm $msgnum

Well. Ofcourse it did not work 'cause the -rmm option does not 
recognize the msg numbers given by mhonarc i.e -rmm 1 works but
-rmm 00001 (given by mhonarc) does not. 

Grepping and parsing the msgnum to the right format ofcourse does it, 
but.. I should only grep the zeros before anything else and
not grep msgnum 00000. Ehh. Has anyone else had the same kinda problem?

Jussi Kallioniemi

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