Re: Custom Search Engine for MHonArc available

1996-10-09 17:38:21
Some limitations:
1) You must be running perl5.  In fact, it may be that 5.002 is
required; I haven't checked, but since 5.003 is now the standard....
2) Your RCfile must put the following first on each message file:
<!--X-Subject: -->
<!--X-From: -->
<!--X-Date: --> 
I don't know if this is something that differs widely for MHonArc
users, so it may not even be an issue.  

MHonArc puts those comments in.  It's outside of user control
(unless they modify the source code).

BTW, the '-' character is escaped to "&#45;" in the comments in v2.0.
This is to avoid the possibility of "--" occuring to create an illegal
comment declaration.


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