reformatting already generated html message-pages

1996-10-10 10:47:31

I've got two questions/remarks :

is there a possibility to reformat already converted e-mails after a
change in the mhonarcrc file.
I want to change the heading/footing of *all* html files generated out
of already received e-mails.
Is this a manual operation of is 'mhonarc' capable of doing that

Another point I have is in my opinion a small bug:
There is a little problem when I generate a threaded reverse sorted
index page and access a message somewhere in the middle.
When I then access the 'next' message I actually go to the 'previous'
message in time. This is IMHO not correct. When I press the 'next'
button I ought to go to the 'next' message in time. I know this can be
easily circumvented by swapping the next and previous mhonarc tags in
the rc-file.

Or am I doing something completely wrong here ??



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Unix System Engineer    Fax:    +31 70 311 2166

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