Re: reformatting already generated html message-pages

1996-10-11 16:55:45
is there a possibility to reformat already converted e-mails after a
change in the mhonarcrc file.
I want to change the heading/footing of *all* html files generated out
of already received e-mails.
Is this a manual operation of is 'mhonarc' capable of doing that

Yes.  The only thing you cannot reformat is the actual mail message
header and mail message body.  If you want to make changes to the
layout, just use the -editidx option (along with -rcfile).

Another point I have is in my opinion a small bug:
There is a little problem when I generate a threaded reverse sorted
index page and access a message somewhere in the middle.
When I then access the 'next' message I actually go to the 'previous'
message in time. This is IMHO not correct. When I press the 'next'
button I ought to go to the 'next' message in time. I know this can be
easily circumvented by swapping the next and previous mhonarc tags in
the rc-file.

Or am I doing something completely wrong here ??

The current behaviour is confusing.  The next/prev corresponded to
the next/prev relative to the physical listing order of the index.
v2.0 should behave in the way you expect.


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