MHonArc Alpha 2 Available

1996-10-13 20:54:35
The second alpha release of MHonArc v2.0 may be downloaded with the
following URL:

As with the first alpha release, the documentation has NOT been
updated to reflect v2.0.  However, the CHANGES file gives a complete
summary of all new enhancements and bug fixes of v2.0.

For users of v2.0a1, you will have to read through the changes to
see what is different in v2.0a2.  Many of the enhancements that were
requested after v2.0a1 have made it in v2.0a2.

Also, the demo archive at

has been recreated with v2.0a2.  The resource file used to create the
archive may obtained from the demo, or from the examples directory of
the distribution.  I have added more comments to the sample resource
files to aid alpha users understand the new features.

                The demo archive utilizes frames.  Hence, you will
                need a frame aware browser to view the archive


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