MHonArc: Note from author

1996-10-13 21:24:19
MHonArc Users,

I am on the move again.  I was hoping to get the full release of
v2.0 out soon, but it appears it will be delayed.  By the end of this
month I should be outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania working for a
different company (Reed Technology and Information Services).  I have
been busy the past couple months on personal and business matters for
preparation for relocation.  It may be some time afterwards until I
can get back to tickering with MHonArc.  Paying bills and getting my
career on track takes higher priority.

I still encourage users to send questions and comments to this list.
There are very competent subscribers who are able to answer very
difficult questions.

I will send a message to this list once I get settled in to my new job.



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