Cryptic MHonArc error

1996-10-23 12:06:04
I just tried running ver. 1.2.3 on a fairly small mail sppol file and
got the following error message:

Requiring MIME filter libraries ...
Converting messages to .
Reading /export/home/silvert/spool/czm .....Day out of range 1..31 in

I've looked at the file and all of the dates look legit. Since there is
nothing in the error message to indicate where the problem occured, I'm
stumped. Any ideas?

MHonArc runs fine on lots of other spool files, I maintain about a dozen
archives this way.

Bill Silvert, Habitat Ecology Section, Bedford Institute of Oceanography,
P. O. Box 1006, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA B2Y 4A2, Tel. (902)426-1577

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