a date format idiosyncracy

1996-11-08 13:48:01
I manage several lists with members from the Ohio state government. Their 
email has the following date format that is not recogized by MHonArc:

Date: Fri Nov  1 09:42:46 1996

As a consequence, their messages are not sorted correctly. Here's how 
MHonArc ends up parsing the date:

11/01/19) Analytical Data and P2 Opportunities (0) (Art Coleman )

I was told they use wordperfect mail that goes through a Burroughs 
systems gateway. Is there a standard format for the Date: field in email 
messages? Is this a Wordperfect problem or is this the Burroughs gateway 
altering the header? It would be nice to find a fix short of asking the 
state government to change their software. (Highly unlikely in the near 

Any suggestions appreciated,
           GLIN Information Systems Support
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Great Lakes Commission                 313.665.9135 Voice
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