Re: a date format idiosyncracy

1996-11-08 15:34:55
I manage several lists with members from the Ohio state government. Their 
email has the following date format that is not recogized by MHonArc:

Date: Fri Nov  1 09:42:46 1996

That date is invalid, and MHonArc has every right to interpret it wrongly or
(better) reject it outright. The correct syntax for RFC822 dates is:

        Date: Fri,  1 Nov 1996 09:42:46 -0500

Developers of date parsers have learned to deal with an awful lot of trash.
The parser I wrote for Worldtalk would parse the above correctly, and many
other variant forms as well. But it took me almost a week to write and debug
the d**n thing. It was fun, but was it worth the effort?


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