Re: Archiving LISTSERV messages

1996-12-02 09:56:17
I'm trying to get mhonarc to archive LISTSERV messages.  A listserv
log file does not follow the standard RFC 822 mail format, and to make
matters worse, a header can span multiple lines.  

I'm enclosing a sample message, to illustrate my point.  How can I
configure hmonarc to satisfy these needs?   Please forward your
answers to me, and I will post a general reply back to the list. 
hmonarc seems to be a great program, and I'd like to help in any
way I can to make it even better.

As you can see, the messages are separated by a line of equal signs, and
the first header in a message is 'date'.

You can use the equal signs as your message separator.  Set the MSGSEP
resource to "^==================" (w/o the quotes).

As for multi-line fields, it should not be a problem.  RFC 822 provides
a facility for this.  As long as subsequent lines start with a
space character, an MUA should treat the line as a continuation of
the previous line.  It appears your sample does this, so you should
have no problems.


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