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1996-12-02 10:07:00
Another possibility is there could be some problem on how you invoke
mhonarc.  E.g.  Trying to add a single mesage to mhonarc that is not
in mbox format, but you do not pass the message to mhonarc via stdin.
I.e.  It thinks the imput is a mbox, but it fails to see the
"From ..." line.  Listing how you invoke mhonarc and the rcfile used
will show us if this is the problem.

I am trying to add a single mail which is in a correct format, with a

It might be in the correct format, but based upon a particular
viewpoint.  If the data input is specified as a filename on the
command-line, mhonarc treats the input as in UUCP mbox format.  This
format requires that messages be separated by lines starting
with "From " (w/o the quotes).  Notice the space after the "From".
This line is NOT part of the actual message and does not conform to
RFC 822 syntax.  However, mhonarc will look for this line when it
is in mbox mode.

In single-add mode, input is coming from standard input.  There
should not be a "From " line since mhonarc expects a conforming
rfc822 message.  Note: Mhonarc is smart enough to ignore lines that
do not conform to rfc 822, so a "From " line will be skipped if
encountered.  A blank line at the beginning of the data input will
cause mhonarc to believe there is no message header at all.

complete header. Now I got it working by the addition of the following

-msgsep "\n^From"

Note, this will catch "From:" message header fields.  This may be
a problem when adding a mbox with multiple messages.

A difficult problem is dealing with MIME messages.  Reconstructing
the MIME format can be tough since it requires a reverse process of
each of the MIME filters.  Multipart messages will be a real problem
since the content-type of the parts are lost, making it difficult to
determine the reverse transformation.

That would be enough for me. Is such a tool available?

Nope.  One would have to be written from scratch.


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