Re: resourcing resource file

1996-12-12 15:40:29
Is there a way to force an arcive to resource the resource file without
actually adding anything to the archive?  I've added fields to my EXCS
Override field in my resource file and would like all of my messages to
reflect the changes.  Any easy way of forcing it to reread the file and
re-write out the modified msg's?

Yes and no.  Yes, you can have mhonarc read a rcfile w/o doing an add.
Use the -editidx option.  No, in that changing the EXCS resource will
only affect new messages.  Once a message is converted, the format
of the message data itself (header and body) cannot be changed.

Look like another "todo" feature: Reconvert a message that exists
in the archive by using the orginal message.  I.e.  Have mhonarc
take an original message previously processed, and reprocess it.


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