archive of 721 messages stops at 66 and acts like LIFO

1996-12-12 16:10:59
I've seen some discussion about sending messages to mhonarc in batch but I 
continue to add them as they arrive. Maybe that's why the following 
problem arose.

I created a mhonarc archive back in October for a mail list, watched it for 
a few days, and then forgot about it. Someone complained today and when I 
looked there were 721 message files (msg00000.html to msg00720.html) but 
only 68 appeared on the web index page. Here's a portion of the scan output:

68 messages mhonarc -scan
Reading database ...
68 messages in .:

Msg #  YYYY/MM/DD  From             Subject
-----  ----------  ---------------  -------------------------------------------
  721  1996/12/12  Ron Emaus        testing
   66  1996/10/31  chun.yi.wu       FW: Re[2]: Final decisions on paper proposa
   65  1996/10/31  Carol Ratza      draft agenda for the bidders conference
   64  1996/10/31  EPA2110          Telnetting to GLNPO
   63  1996/10/30  Ron Emaus        Re: glnpo -Reply
...00  ...

If I send another test message, it becomes 722 and replaces 721 on the list.

Most peculiar.

           GLIN Information Systems Support
Ron Emaus                              remaus(_at_)cic(_dot_)net
Great Lakes Commission                 313.665.9135 Voice
400 Fourth St.                         313.665.4370 FAX
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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