Re: Mhonarc: Latest message first?

1997-01-13 09:36:19

Apologies if the answer to this is elsewhere...can I modify mhonarc to
put the most recent message at the top of the thread?

Nope.  The problem is a thread starts with a single root and can
have multiple branches.  I see a problem in displaying a thread
with more recent messages first.  There is no "reverse" list
construct in HTML.  You would need something that looked like
the following:

            |   |
        X___|   X_X_X <--- Here is the start of the thread

And then, the listing can change depending on which branch has the
latest message.  I do not see any simple way to provide this kind
of layout.

A comprise solution is to have the messages sorted by subject with
the most recent message first in like subjects.  You will need
to change the sort routines slightly to get this since the reverse
subject sorting also puts the messages in reverse alphabetic
ordering.  See


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