Re: MHonArc: needs tag based on reply-to address

1997-01-16 09:55:39
Earl Hood wrote on Wed, 15 Jan 1997:

Paul McKinley wrote on Fri, 03 Jan 1997
I would've thought that this would have been integrated, esp. since the
mhonarc mailing list is majordomo:

When majordomo does a resend, it substitutes some value in the From:
field.  So, an mhonarc archive driven by a majordomo list would have all
of the from addresses be whatever that value is.  The way that I know of
to fix that is to consider the Reply-To field to be the person that the
message is really from.

What is a 'resend' in majordomo?  I have not used majordomo or
manage the mhonarc list.  I have never seen the From: field
not be what is expected from mail I've seen from the mhonarc, or
other, lists.

The normal majordomo list uses a tool called resend.  When a message is
sent to the list, it doesn't simply get redistributed to the list, but
rather gets passed through "resend" which does things like check to see
whether the sender matches the list of people who can send to the list,
maybe add something to the subject line or a "header" or "footer".
resend (at least at our site) is set to send the mail out with the From:
as the list owner (although there are some options there), depending on
how the list is set up the reply-to may be the message originator or the
list itself.

At least that's my understanding of it.  I've looked at the headers on
your message as it came from the list; it's obvious that the mhonarc
majordomo setup works differently than ours so either I've not set it up
correctly, or the mhonarc majordomo is a different (or maybe locally
"improved") version, or not really majordomo at all?

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