Re: MHonArc: needs tag based on reply-to address

1997-01-15 17:26:11
I would've thought that this would have been integrated, esp. since the
mhonarc mailing list is majordomo:

When majordomo does a resend, it substitutes some value in the From:
field.  So, an mhonarc archive driven by a majordomo list would have all
of the from addresses be whatever that value is.  The way that I know of
to fix that is to consider the Reply-To field to be the person that the
message is really from.  

What is a 'resend' in majordomo?  I have not used majordomo or
manage the mhonarc list.  I have never seen the From: field
not be what is expected from mail I've seen from the mhonarc, or
other, lists.


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