Re: strange error

1997-01-22 13:44:07
Jim Goes wrote:
Nextstep 3.2
Perl 5.002

What mhonarc version?  From the error message I guess it's a 1.*.  (None
of the mhonarc version  I have here have a require round line 1821).

Does anyone have any idea what is happening here?  Please enlighten me.

% mhonarc -add -rc rc.entrep -out ../wn/archives/entrep arch.entrep

Reading resource file: rc.entrep ...
Requiring MIME filter libraries ...
        ??@ @l
ERROR: Unable to require ?? at /usr/local/bin/mhonarc line 1821.

mhonarc tries to load an MIME filter extension with name '@ @l'.
Could you check the <mimefilterss>  entries in rc.entry.  Here's
an example:


                                       mhonarc  will try to load this file

The last column (: seperator) defines the file to load.  Look like
you have something like

text/enriched:m2h_text_richtext'filter:@ @l

Removing the offending line should fix the problem.  The correct way
to write and define filter extentions is decribed in detail in one
of the last section of the mhonarc manual.


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